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About our cause

We are happy to share our mission with you, and hopefully you will join us to make it come true.

With the increase of cutting down the forests all over the world, we believe that everyone of us should take steps to lessen its terrible effects. That is why we are actively finding ways to give back to the nature. With every tree we use to make our products, we plant 10 trees in return. Read more about this and our other missions!

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Our wooden basins

Our oak basins are suited for both private houses and apartment houses. You can find some of our projects here

What clients say

We are so proud to share what our clients say about us, our products, our cause and our team.


I am a real fan of what you do. Not only are your basins amazing, you also believe in the same things I believe in. Thank you for caring!

Raul Hansson

Triin Ilisson

Me and our company would like to thank you for your partnership with us, it has been wonderful and we really enjoy working with you. Hereś to many more years!

Triin Ilisson

Our team

We are very pleased to be at your service. Dont hesitate to contact us in any time.